Nyaya [न्याय]

by Sushila Karki
Rating: 5.0
100% of 100
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The book gives us a glimpse into the recent political upheavals and the judiciary’s role in them. This is a book written by a true Nepali patriot. The book, alongside recounting the personal history of Karki, also packs in the author’s perspectives on the big judicial undertakings of recent times, and is written in a lucid style—it is a complete page-turner.

by Binod Chaudhary
Rating: 4.0
80% of 100
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Binod Chaudhary Autobiography [विनोद चौधरी: आत्मकथा] covers Chaudhary’s life from a student at a government school in Gana Bahal, playing and growing in the streets of Khichapokhari, running a discotheque, pursuing a hobby as a singer and a filmmaker, leading the Nepali business community, expanding beyond Nepal and reaching a place where any other Nepali is yet to reach.