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Seto Bagh [सेतो बाघ]

by Diamond Shumsher Rana
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Seto Bagh [सेतो बाघ] डायमन शम्शेरद्वारा लिखित ऐतिहासिक पृष्ठभूमिमा रचिएको एक सामाजिक उपन्यास हो ।

Seto Bagh means ‘White Tiger’ in the Nepali language. The book is based in 1973 which revolves around the life of Jagat Jung Rana, the eldest son of Jung Bahadur Rana. The plot is set around the time when Jung Bahadur Rana was in power and after his demise. It has been translated into French, English, and Japanese.

The novel describes Jung Bahadur Rana losing his grip over the control of the palace and also the fall of his sons and the rise of his nephews to power. However, the novel is like a sequel to Diamond’s previous novel ‘Basanti’ where he wrote about the rise of Jung Bahadur along with his love life. Seto Bagh is more like a biography of Jagat Jung.

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