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Doshi Chasma [दोषी चश्मा]

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Doshi Chasma [दोषी चश्मा] is written by BP Koirala. This book is a collection of fascinating and interesting stories which are somewhere related to Nepalese society and Nepalese issues. In this book, the author has included the stories which reflect the problems commonly seen in the Nepalese society. These stories are listed among the best Nepalese tales. The stories of this book show different aspects of life. They teach us that life is sometimes full of happiness, prosperity and sometimes full of sorrow and pain. The author aims to let the readers know and understand the value of own life as well as others. He also writes that we cannot live alone in this world. So we must have the feeling of cooperation and brotherhood and must live in harmony in a society. This book also highlights the different social problems which we have to solve ourselves. Basically, while reading this book we can find that the stories are based on Nepal and Nepali society. 

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