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Greeshmako Neelo Bataas [ग्रीष्मको नीलो बतास]

by Dr. Damodar Pudasaini
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Greeshmako Neelo Bataas [ग्रीष्मको नीलो बतास] is a book written by Dr. Damodar Pudasaini, who recounts his trip to Khaptad National Park in Sudurpaschim Province in far western Nepal. Apart from narrating the culture, social behavior, mindset, and occupation of the people living in the region, it also explains the geographical remoteness, beauty in remoteness, beliefs, and superstitions prevalent in the region.

Pointing out problems such as the lack of hotels and quality motels, transport services, and other problems, the author strongly recommends the improvement of tourism infrastructure and services in the region.

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