Phirphire [फिरफिरे]

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Rating: 4.6
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One day, Basanta hears that his house in the village is about to be demolished. Overwhelmed with nostalgia, he goes back to his village to see the house one last time after 16 long years. And then begins a journey to his past–a past that he has always wanted to forget. And thus unfolds the story of his friendship with Pawan, who falls prey to village politics and superstitions, losing his memory in the process.

Babu, Aama ra Chhora [बाबु, आमा र छोरा]

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Babu, Aama Ra Chhora [बाबु, आमा र छोरा] is a famous Nepali Novel of contemporary literature and this novel written by Bishweshwar Prasad Koirala. The book is about the three characters, father Mother, and Son. The story has twists, and the novel gets hair pin turn and circulates on the family.

Tuin [तुइन]

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by Suresh Pranjali
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सुरेश प्राञ्जलीको उपन्यास तुइन माओवादी जनयुद्धको भुमरीमा रुमल्लिएका मानिसहरुको कथा हो ।

Tuin is a novel by Suresh Pranjali that tells the stories of the people who struggled in the time of the Maoist insurgency.